We understand that as employers you want the best candidates to fit not only the job description but also to fit the business. We will save your company time and money by listening AND understanding your needs, culture and vision, only then will we introduce you to a selection of premier candidates with the ability to take your business forward.

Our candidates will be interviewed and reference checked and much more, with each approach tailer-made to your specifications so we can find you the best candidate for your business.

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Our services include :

Extensive candidates
We have an extensive candidate list that goes across different levels of experience and education which gives you a wider variety of potential employees.

Job Advertisements
We will help to advertise your positions across the appropriate channels, and on our website.

Candidate interviewing and screening
To alleviate the stress from you we can undertake the candidate interviewing within your specifications.

Candidate reference checking
At Opal Recruitment we make sure that candidates have the correct information on their CVs by checking the references provided.

Accurate CV matching
We will match CVs to your specification accurately.

CVs submitted in a standard layout and format
All CVs submitted to you will be in a standard layout and format making sure the content that is supplied makes the right candidate stand out.

Salary guidance and advice on market conditions
With our extensive knowledge in employment in the financial sector we can offer guidance to competitive salary and advice on the current market.

Our strict rules on confidentiality will make sure that all details will be kept between us.

Delivering a tailor-made solution is what we do best, with a proven track record of delivering quality candidates on time, and on budget. Contact us today for more information on how we can take away the inconvenience, and stress of finding that perfect candidate.

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