Clear, concise and convincing How to build a cover letter to get you noticed...

The covering letter. The bane of many people's lives. But it really doesn't need to be. Follow our simple tips and yours will stand out from the crowd.

Let's start with the basics:

What is a cover letter?

A cover letter accompanies a CV

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What not to do when rejecting a candidate...

If you work in recruitment, rejection pretty much comes with the territory…

It’s never a nice job having to tell someone their application has been unsuccessful – especially if you don’t have too much previous experience in having to turn people

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Why should you use a Recruitment Agency

Whether you run a small or large business, here are the main reasons why you should hire a recruitment agency to find the right employees:

They find the candidates you need

The best agencies understand your market AND know what candidates are

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REC's report on jobs for October 2016, revealed that demand for candidates is at its highest since May, offsetting concerns over the impact of Brexit on the UK economy. Not only is hiring up but job seeker interest is down. Applications for open

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Emotional Intelligence - key decision maker when hiring

Determining who you hire for a job plays a big part in forming your company’s culture and ensuring its future success. Selecting informative interview questions can be a key factor in finding the right employees -- as well as weeding out the ones

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How to prepare for a second interview

The second interview can seem like a frustrating hurdle between you and a successful job offer. Yet that all-important second round has a different character altogether; so it's only natural for you to prepare accordingly. With that in mind here's

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Flexible Working: An Employer Guide to UK Law

As working practices begin to break down the cubicle walls and transcend the 9-to-5, flexible working is having a real impact on the way that employers manage their businesses. More than just moving the minute hand though, changing a long-standing

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Top 7 Qualities Employers are Looking for in Candidates

Every employer has had experience with both good and bad employees. For this they all have a pretty good idea of what they want more of. Here are the big 7!

There are three Cs to getting the kind of job you want and earning the kind of money you

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Research Shows Nearly Half of UK's Workforce will be Looking for New Jobs in 2017

NEARLY half of the UK workforce will be looking for new jobs in 2016, with one in 5 workers already actively job hunting, according to new research from Investors in People.

  • 49% of people looking to move jobs as the economy improves
  • Workers
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The financial sector jobs boom is spreading across the UK

The jobs boom that has engulfed the capital and its financial sector is now on its way to other regions of the country, according to new figures released this morning.

The number of permanent opportunities for professional roles was up six per

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Good news for graduates as financial sector hiring continues to grow

Concerns over a growing skills gap and lack of future talent are the biggest worries among financial firms’ recruiters, leading to a renewed focus on graduate hiring.

Recruitment specialist Morgan McKinley conducted a study of 157 hiring managers

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